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Since 1991, the local cable network operator, XCablecom, has been in Frohburg and Holzweissig. The company has developed into a successful medium-sized company for television, internet and telephone. Competent advice, individual service and excellent performance contribute to the success of the company. XCableCom – Ihr Kabelanbieter Designing, Developing and integrating

Shabab Charity Website

NGO based in Damascus, with 15 years of experience in medical services and humanitarian aid, spread around Syria with 11 centers. Scoop of work Design, development of the website. Beneficiary management system, Workflow and paperless solutions for administration departments Technologies HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS and JavaScript C#, Microsoft SQL. URL … Read More

Rodina Surgery

One of the very famous plastic surgery clinics in Damascus. Scoop of work: Website and web based clinic management system development Technologies: Laravel, PHP, MySQL, CSS and JavaScript URL: … Read More

Pegasus Application

Food and clothes Delivery App in Damascus Scoop of work: Design, UX , UI Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD Pegasus04 ...Pegasus03 ...Pegasus02 ...Pegasus01 ...

Nazir Ismail’s Website

Nazir Ismail, the Syrian famous Artist – Damascus 1948 – 2013, the website contains some of his works and private collection. Scoop of work: Design, Photography, development of the website Technologies: HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS and JavaScript URL: … Read More

Mubashar Application

Mobile application and control panel for Mubashar logistics, UAE. The control panel contains Web and Windows application and moderator Android app.   Scoop of work: Design, Web and App development, UX & UI Technologies: JAVA, Android Studio, C#, Visual Studio, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD Mubashar01 ...Mubashar02

MOMO IPTV. Android Application

Android App that Providing wide selection of TV channels displayed on your mobile screen, this can make TV watching experience much more convenient so you can watch your favorite shows on the go whenever you want. Scoop of work Design, development for the App Technologies   JAVA, Android Studio … Read More

Mewtali Store Application

It is a leading diverse market for medical and pharmaceutical industries, and it can be very helpful for business owner and lab technicians looking to maintains their stock and find the latest equipment needed for everyday tasks, in addition to that you can browse for a our qualified lab technicians

Metwali Labs Website

"Metwali Labs" is one of the largest providers of specialty laboratory testing services in Syria., it can provide national access to specialized clinical tests provide caring, efficient, reliable, and high-quality testing services to support any patient in effectively managing their health. Scoop of work: Design, website development. Android Applications for

Marika Guardian’s Website

A Personal website for Marika, a motivated humanitarian from Germany: “I am a humanitarian, traveler, writer and activist on a mission to change the way we understand and address poverty“. Scoop of work: Logo, Website design and development. Technologies: PHP ,MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript URL: … Read More Academy

Working with كنز أكاديمي - علمتني كنز ( was one of the most challenging, interesting and fun projects. We developed the Academy section on the website, we did a website optimization and gain speed of 40%. Scoop of work: Design, development, Systems Integrations. Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LMS, WordPress,

Kenzandmom Website

A personal guide every mother can benefit from in the world of motherhood, from the first moment of pregnancy, then birth, breastfeeding and caring for her baby, their motto is simple: “Happy family is a happy baby” Scoop of work: Website Optimization and E-Learning System Development Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, … Read More

Jawal Android Application

Road traffic never sleeps, hundreds of vehicles move on the roads to deliver goods every second, there is a constant need to supervise all aspects of that process on an hourly basis, and there are many unexpected events and problems supervisors encounter at all times, following the activity of any … Read More

Jasmine Coffee Website

Canadian import and export company specialized in Coffee beans and Turkish coffee. Scoop of work : Logo, Website design and development, shopping chart development based on WooCommerce CMS Technologies: PHP ,MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript URL: YasmineCoffee04 ...YasmineCoffee01 ...YasmineCoffee02 ...YasmineCoffee03 ...

Hippokrate Application

The first comprehensive pharmaceutical reference of its kind in the Arab region, and a summary of joint cooperation with official medical authorities, to reach the ideal application that doctors, pharmacists, and researchers in the medical and pharmacological field aspire, Indexed user interfaces and application elements are divided into groups allowing

EKC website and App.

EKC is the first educational entrepreneurship conference in MENA. We plan to empower entrepreneurs with the basic tools and know-how of the startup world through a five-days intensive event. Experienced entrepreneurs and management experts will guide the audience through different panels & sessions Scoop of work: Design, website development. Android

EKC Android Application

Entrepreneur knowledge conference is aiming to fulfill the need of skulled, competent and knowledgeable entrepreneurs in Syria. The Conference program is specially tailored scientific content designed for the Syrian entrepreneur, combining recent global trends with regional and local practices. we managed to host more than 30 high impact speakers from … Read More

Dr. Nawras Safi’s Website

One of the most talented and experience plastic surgery doctors in Syria. Scoop of work: Website Design & Development Technologies: PHP ,MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript URL: … Read More

Amal Donor App

A mobile application, delivered Syrian Arab Red Crescent. It puts the power to save lives in the palm of your hand by providing the perfect match between a donor and anyone in need; it can utilize your geographical location to find a matching donor nearby quickly and efficiently. Scoop of

Al Wataniya Microfinance Website

Microfinance institution based in Damascus, with 12 branches and offices in Syria. Scoop of work Design, development of the website. UI UX design, Android app development Technologies HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS and JavaScript IONIC, Android Studio, JAVA URL … Read More

AFZ3LE Applications

It is a mobile platform for on-demand professional plumbing, electrical, heating and AC, window and roofing home service or repair and any other home improvement jobs, it can also find the perfect technician to handle any car issues so it can be fixed with ease with the help of vetted … Read More

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Founded in 2010, successfully delivered more than 50+ projects to clients all around the world, and we have a special understanding of the Arab and gulf markets.

Many challenges forged the shape of “JOORY” as seen today, we are a proud UAE-Syrian based company now maintaining projects in different places around the world.

We shared the success stories of our customers, helping their wonderful ideas to thrive and prosper, and we are very proud to be mentioned whenever they make a new promising step forward.


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